TaS2 bulk (1T phase)

1T-phase TaS2 exhibits three distinct behavior; At T<180K has Mott phase transition, nearly commensurate charge density wave (CDW) below 354K, incommensurate CDW between 350K<T<550K, and metallic / semimetallic behavior above >550K. Please refer to dataset collected from 1T-TaS2 grown at our facilities. Single crystal 1T-phase TaS₂ crystals come with guaranteed charge density wave (CDW) behavior. These crystals are grown using flux zone technique which is superior to commonly used chemical vapor transport (CVT) that produces dirty and contaminated crystals. Each growth takes close to three months to provide you perfected crystals. Each crystal is highly crystalline, perfectly oriented in 0001 direction, and is ready to to exfoliate. Importantly, 1T-TaS2 crystals are environmentally stable, and thus can be used for many years without any concern over air interaction.