hBN bulk

Our h-BN crystals reach at most to 2mm in size and are considered as gold standard in 2D materials field. h-BN crystals are grown by state-of-the art two distinct techniques. The first technique, namely high-pressure growth, takes place high pressures (exceeding 150 kBar pressure), under vacuum environment using Ba/Be-BN solution growth develop at our facilities. This technique produces lowest defect concentrations (1E8-1E10 cm-2) and oxide free h-BN crystals with clear cadhodoluminescence spectrum. The second method takes place at atmospheric pressures (hence this method is commonly referred as 'atmospheric growth' and involves our special metal alloy solution recipe to precipitate and grow h-BN crystals. This method produces electronic grade h-BN ideal for heterolayer fabrication but lacks clear cadhodoluminescence signal. All these crystals are grown at high pressures at temperatures exceeding 1600C using highly specialized cubit anvil cells, boron nitride enclaves, and diamond press units. Since the yield of these crystals are small and the growth time is around 4 months, our products come with 3-4 pieces of few mm sized h-BN crystals.