TiSe2 bulk

1T-phase TiSe2 crystals are vdW semimetals with charge density wave properties below Tc~202K. Our TiSe2 measure nearly 1 cm in size and are notoriously known low impurity resistance (zero temperature resistance), high carrier mobility, extremely clean and sharp XRD peaks, and negligible amount of defects. They are grown with solid state sciences application, electronic, and optical measurements in mind to reach scientific grade qualtiy and 99.9999% purity. These crystals are mainly grown by two different techniques, namely chemical vapor transport (CVT) and flux zone growth. The former method is commonly used in field for quick material growth but they exhibit large amount of halide contaminants and point defects. In contrast, flux method produces crystals in 3-4 months but excel at achiving high crystallinity and purity materials. Our flux zone grown TiSe2 crystals are treated as gold standards in 2D materials field owing to perfected electronic behavior with guaranteed CDW response. All crystals are perfectly layered and ready for exfoliation without any preparation. If you research needs STM grade surfaces please contact us, we will be happy to arrange these samples.