HfSe2 bulk

Our single crystal HfSe2 (hafnium diselenide) crystals come with guaranteed crystallinity, environmental stability, and electronic/optical grade purity. They are developed at our facilities using state-of-art flux zone techniques. Each growth takes close to three months to provide you perfected crystals that does not contain any halides. Each crystal is highly crystalline, oriented in 0001 direction, and easy to exfoliate. Our R&D staff takes characterization dataset in each sample piece to ensure structural, optical, and electronic consistency. They have been optimized to achieve perfect industrial semiconductor grade materials with: 1) excellent stoichiometry, 2) large single domain size, 3) single phase materials without any mixed phases or amorphous content, 4) perfect layered crystal ideal for exfoliation purposes with impressive mosaic spread 0.08 degrees, 5) unmatched purity -semiconductor grade (6N), 99.9999%.